Awareness Shift

Thanks for joining me in my inaugural post!

“As long as I am breathing, in my eyes, I am just beginning.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

When I considered moving from Instagram to a blog site to post my physical and mental fitness journey, I thought that it may not be the best idea. However, a blog gives me more freedom to be creative and to post more content. Since I am not here with the intention to be an “influencer”, views and followers are not my goal here. My aspiration is to grow within my life but also keep myself accountable. I am prone to procrastination and not following up on what I plan or want to do for some reason or another but I no longer want to do that. Life is incredibly short and that has been really sitting on my heart lately with the last spate of news; so many young adults are passing away between the ages of 18-21! One most recent notable death was of a young woman of 18 from a heart attack! I read these articles with shock as there has been a wave of middle aged celebrities passing (50s+) which was saddening but 18 years of age really struck a chord with me.

This among other life situations has indicated that there are changes that I need to make in my life. I would not call myself a “go-getter”; I’m more like a mule (I know not a flattering comparison) but it is closer to the truth. I move slowly, steadily, and stubbornly towards my goal. This is not always a good thing as it leaves me unwilling to take chances, fearful almost. Lately, I feel that I’ve been given many signs telling me that it is time and I no longer can ignore those signs. I am not sure where this voyage will take me but I’m here for the ride.

Welcome to a Spoonful of Honey where sometimes the sweetness will come with a sting.

– Sunny

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