When this blog was first started, the intention was to a create a space away from social media such as Instagram to share how yoga and mental wellness can work together. However, life was not considered as a huge unexpected situation arose: COVID-19. One could assume that this would have afforded more time to write. It did not. Like so many others, life had other plans. COVID-19 caused changes; good and bad. For almost a year, my whole family was home together. This drew us closer but that was not the case for everyone.

COVID-19 led to further alienation between people. As there were those who lost loved ones due to COVID, there were other losses that were not accounted for outside of death. Friendships were ended, romantic relationships collapsed, people started paying closer attention to who and what they allowed into their lives whether out of obligation or desire to hold on to an ideal. For example, adult children began reevaluating their ties with their parents and other family members. There were many quitting jobs and examining their career choices. The start of realizing that choices exist.

With choices, it is important to be intentional with them as choices do not come without consequences. The reexamination of blood family ties can cause a lot of hurt. The change in career or quitting of a job can cause financial disruption. Moving mindfully and understanding your intentions can hopefully lead to choices one can live with in equanimity.

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