And So A Turtle Moves

Turtle swimming under clear blue water with and underneath
Photo by Jeremy Bishop: Underwater Turtle

When you think of turtles, what is the first word that comes to your mind? Is it majestic? Long-lived? Adaptable? There is a high probability that it was probably the word “slow”. That word does not generally come with positive connotations. Except, turtles are not always slow, they have been clocked to swim as fast as “35 km/h (22mph) such as the leatherback sea turtle which is the fastest turtle in the world. Just because they have the capacity to move this quickly, does not mean that they have to at all times. This is something that we can take from turtles, slowing down. One of the constant statements that came out of the pandemic was that people need to slow down. As we roll into a new year, it may be helpful to take this to heart. Slowing down does not mean not spending time with your friends and loved ones. It means listening to your mind and body when it says that you are tired or feeling unwell, that you need just a little break. Reminding yourself that you don’t have to do that thing, go to that outing, answer that call. It can mean understanding and being aware of your own capacity and limits. Sure, you can be on the go all the time but your battery will drain whether it is in a day or 10 years and when it drains, it will drop you hard. So put into place preventative measures. There is the refrain to do all the things all at once but what you see on social media, mainstream media, what others tell you that they do, not all of it is true and there are many things hidden under the surface.

Take a chance to slow down and like a turtle, use your capacity to move quickly when necessary. Identify what is important, prioritize what is important, and let the rest float by. Move with intention and mindfulness.

Happy New Year.

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