What is Love?

When I chose the title for this post, there was a song in my head. If you can guess the song, you get internet brownie points. For obvious reasons, this post is about love. Obvious in the sense that if you live in the United States of America you are aware that February 14th is the oft celebrated, oft loathed Valentine’s Day. This is a day that can be great for some and not so great for others. We are inundated in the media and in stores with heart balloons, flowers, candy, cards, movies, emails from restaurants and hotels about special events. It is very hard to avoid.

This post will not give you the answer to what is love. Love is deeply personal and impersonal. One can love spiders, while another can love cockatiels. One can love another person and not love themself. Having a sense of self-worth is just as important as seeing the worth in others. It is cliche boarding the self-love train but even though something is cliche, it does not take away it is importance. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the over emphasis of this day, do your best to remove yourself from it such as minimizing time on social media, read a book, play your favorite video game, or watch a show or your favorite movie. If you don’t feel overwhelmed and you like or even love this day, get yourself some balloons, some flowers. This day of love, what are you doing to show love to yourself?

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