Do You Journal?

Therapists, doctors, social media, news article, and blog posts alike extol the virtues of journaling. They regurgitate the same information about the benefits of journaling. They do not seem to speak to those who have trouble journaling daily or even finding the the time in their day to journal. Their writings very rarely include those who feel worse after journaling because seeing their feelings on paper is very painful and troubling.

This is not to say that there are no benefits to journaling, there are vast benefits to putting your thoughts on paper whether virtually or literally. It is important to not add additional pressure to yourself if you decide to journal. There are times where you may go days or months without journaling. It does not have to be a daily endeavor especially if it increases stress. Some helpful tips for journaling, especially if you are someone that is fearful of the emotions that it may bring are the utilization of journal prompts. This can be beneficial in the sense that it allows you to think beyond your current situation or add another perspective that you were not considering. Ideally, it is useful to see journaling not as another task you have to do in your life but a tool that you can use when you need it. You don’t always use a hammer, but sometimes, a hammer is needed.

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