Springtime Shenanigans: How the Sun Shines Brighter on Our Mental Wellness

Facade of residential house decorated with blooming Bougainvillea spectabilis plants
Photo by Maria Orlova

It’s that time of year again when spring fever morphs into a full-blown summer frenzy. As the days get longer, the birds chirp louder, and the ice cream trucks roam the streets, it’s impossible not to feel the undeniable surge of joy. Actually, not 100% sure if ice cream trucks roam as far and wide as they once did. So maybe there is one periodically instead of daily. With that said, my friends, the sun is shining brighter, and hopefully our mental wellness! When the sun shines brighter and the seasons change, people who live with depression and in particular, SAD (seasonal affective disorder) may notice a change in their mood. Possibly a change towards a more lifted mood.

Spring moving into summer is like watching a caterpillar emerge from its cocoon, only to realize it has transformed into a delightfully goofy butterfly. Suddenly, everything seems possible. The season of warmth and Vitamin D is here to rescue us from the woes of the winter coldness. Some of you may already be experiencing this with Springtime and others may be gradually moving towards the months of warm.

So, how does mental wellness progress as the sun shines brighter? One of the best parts of winter transitioning to spring and summer is the ability to spend more time outside. Yes, there are those of you who prefer to be cold, but you could really use that Vitamin D. There’s something undeniably therapeutic about basking in the warmth of the sun. Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with an increased risk of developing depressive symptoms and disorders. While more research is needed to establish a definitive causal relationship, maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D through sun exposure or dietary supplements may contribute to better mental health and help alleviate symptoms of depression. But make sure you wear sunscreen as a sunburn and other maladies that can come from sun exposure may not be the most fun tradeoff.

As the seasons change, seize the chance to spend some time outdoors, embrace mindfulness, reassess your habits and beliefs, nurture relationships, and cultivate gratitude. So, my friends, go forth and embrace the quirks of this glorious transition from spring to summer. Let your mental wellness soar as high as the kite you’ll inevitably get tangled in, and remember, life is too short to take ourselves too seriously.

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